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Journey to the unknown destiny 1

Posted by ainolazhar on July 29, 2009

I have undergone 20 hrs of lecture on the research methodology. I have started to be familiar with the relevant web site, pains taking searching for relevent literature and defining my broad areas and ideas for my unknown destiny.

Originally there are 18 crew member all together. Two left the ship less than 24 hours listening to the 4 hours lecture by the commander Dr Robiah. Then in the next session one more left the ship. One new crew just joining us last week. Total number of 16 member all together.

One of the remarks made by Dr Robiah on the first day of lecture– statistically only 1 ( I meant only one ) student managed to get through after 5 years of strunggling. Oh my god!!!!. Very scary.. Based on her experienced, I salute to all my friends who managed to get through. Some with casualties of course with – Permanent head damaged – in short PhD.

After the 10 hrs of lecture we were given our first course work: to find a relevant journal- what??. journal. Never cross in my mind to search for a journal, read it and what more give a comment on it. We need to present it on the next lecture.Rupanya journal ni penting bagi orang-orang yang nak buat research. Luckily with the modern internet communication, we can get access to most of the journal in the world – but off course not for free. We need to pay for it. The publisher just published the abstract of it only.

I spent almost one week searching and browsing for the right journal. Finding the right journal is one problem, analyzing it is another problem. My god.

Lecture 2.
Alhamdulillah I managed to present the journal that I have choosen to be commented. Originally I plan to present this paper next lecture, but since 2 of the crew member declined last minute, I volunteered my self. Their reason: one said that she left her tumb drive at home, the other one said that she has choosen a wrong article.

At least, ‘done’. So, I can concentrate on the next assignment. Ni yang pening. Yesterday while waiting for Umi ( metg kat UPSI) , I spent almost 2 hours in Kedai Mamak reading all the necessary journal and article. I ordered one glass of Radix ice. Mak Oi , RM2.20 for one glass of Radix ice. Mahal betul. Before that we have lunch at one of the kg ‘restaurant’ – one piece of small ikan cencaru bakar, 2 plate of rice, kerabu taugeh and a small bowl of soup tulang ( really tulang – little meat ),2 glass of lemon ice- Guess how much……???

RM16.40 – my god. Too expensive. Mana pulak dapat 0.40 cent ni. Taubat tak mai kat sini dah next time kalu datang ke Tanjung Malim ni.Ingatkan bila bayor dapat discount 0.40cent, tak maunye.

To be continued…insyAllah


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From Iman’s Blog

Posted by ainolazhar on July 23, 2009


I try to comment Iman entry in her blog, but nonetheless was rejected. Try few time. Complicated sangat. Too much question being asked. Why dont u keep it simple and nice.

I like this pharases from her writing:

“mengkhatamkan blog-blog yg tersenarai di favorites…
banyak entries baru…tetapi yg pastu, kak long’s blog still the same…aiyo dokter…busy sungguh!”

Aiyo dokter …busy sungguh.

Kak Long … pls take a break. Not too serious. Even though ayh lately becoming busier ( betui ke english ni?), but I spent a bit of time browsing. I spent less time in reading newspaper, not like Umi. If not life will be stiffed.

So Kak Long pls update a bit your blog. Sure there are a lots of stories to share. Not too long. Just write like Iman or Ikah. Short and nice.

So to Iman,

Hopefully in ramadhan can khatamkan al Quran. Not just khatamkan blog.

All the best..cheers
Ayh. – hope to write something on the starting of the unknown journey…..through a dark tunnel. Hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Pray for the best

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Upon The Passing of Michael Jackson

Posted by ainolazhar on July 23, 2009


Umi asked me to write my blog in English. Off course my english is not as good as her’s. Eventhough I graduated from overseas, but not in english langguage. Still a lot need to be done, polish, learn and relearn. Never stop learning until death meet you. Actually being a student whether formal or not formal is a very interesting. Nonetheless I will try my best to pen down in English, ( betul ke ni ) since all my coursework will be written in English.

Last week the government promised to abolish PPSMI by year 2012. Probably ( I don’t have the statistic ) many malay students are happy with this abolishment. But for me, English is a language for communication. Whether you like it or not, English is an international language and it is use widely. You don’t have much choices. Sometime tabik spring kat gradute from UiTM – their English is much better as compared to other U. Langguage is something you need to practice – writing, reading and speaking. No two way about it. With a lot of practices and mistakes – it will be perfect, as old idiom said : Practice make perfect.

For a start I would like to share a writing from Imam Zaid, some one email to me. American English. InsyAllah next posting I will mixed my writing – English and bahasa. Not good for learning purposes but it will make the writing juicy.Ok kan cik gu.

Upon The Passing of Michael Jackson

By Imam Zaid on 25 June 2009
Category: Civility

Like the light of a meteor streaking across the crisp, cold, clear sky of a winter’s night, Michael Jackson streaked across the sky defining this country’s cultural horizons. None of us coming of age in urban America will forget Michael’s debut onto the public stage with his brothers as part of the phenomenally successful Jackson 5. Hit after hit, “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save,” “I’ll Be There,” rocketed up the Billboard Charts to number one. I can still reel them all off from memory some forty years later. For better or worse, they are indelibly etched into my mind, and have played a part in defining my soul.

Although I was a couple of years older than Michael, I joined the ranks of unsuccessful Michael Jackson wannabes. At the time it seemed worth the effort as all of the girls had gone head over heels for Michael, and just a fraction of his dynamic appeal could reap huge dividends in terms of one’s popularity. The ‘hood was in love with Michael and he apparently had the talent to fulfill the lofty and ever increasing expectations placed upon his slim young shoulders.

However, as the sixties rolled, or limped, into the seventies and the Jackson 5 began to cool off, eventually leaving the Motown label that had launched their incredible success, many of my friends, as well as myself, were attracted to different musical genres, more mature fare. Topping my personal list was WAR, Stevie Wonder, Santana, and Mandrill. I also began to listen to a lot of jazz, and accumulated quite a large album collection. Whenever, I received my weekly wages from whatever job I was engaged in at the time, and I had many in my youth –security guard, lathe operator, UPS warehouseman—I would head straight to the record store and add to my collection.

What I couldn’t afford to buy, I would get from the radio, my preferred listening hours were three and four o’clock in the morning, when the brother manning the controls at an FM station coming out of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut would put out some serious jazz. I would stay awake listening until just before dawn, sleep a couple of hours and drag myself off to work.

As the years went by I lost that passion for music. Perhaps my waning interest was aided by my little nephews who turned part of my album collection into a stack of customized frisbees when I went off to the Air Force in 1976. It was definitely aided by Islam. After my conversion in 1977, there was no one around to tell me that music was Haram (forbidden). However, as I grew in the religion, the enchanting melodies of the Qur’an became far more appealing than the increasingly commercialized musical fare. For example, George Benson’s offerings starting sounding more like Muzak than the rifts of a jazz purist who rivaled Wes Montgomery.

I would eventually give away what was left of my record collection. At the time I had left the Air Force and was studying in Washington DC at American University. However, I lived a few blocks from Howard University. I drove over to one of the used music vendors on the edge of the campus and made his day as I unloaded a box of cassette tapes and albums.

During those years I had lost touch with what Michael Jackson was doing. I knew he had “blown up” as the young folks say today and that as a solo performer he was reaching heights of fame and popularity that not even Elvis had obtained. I would also read in the tabloids that caught my eyes as I waited to check out at the grocery store of the increasingly strange exploits Michael was involved in, the plastic surgeries, something about the bones of the Elephant Man, rumors of him sleeping in a transparent, refrigerated crypt, the allegations of pedophilia, the fantasy ranch in California, and on and on.

It was obvious that Michael was troubled. For sure the physical and psychological abuse visited upon him by a sick father was a large part of the problems that were plaguing Michael as he moved further into his adult years. Surely, the childhood that was denied him as he was thrust into the sinful rigors of show business at the tender age of eight, opening for strip tease acts on the “Chitlin’ Circuit,” in smoke-filled rooms wreaking of alcohol, was part of his troubles. Surely, the confusion of being caught between a devout mother struggling to raise her children as Jehovah’s Witnesses and a fanatically strict, violent and obsessive father was part of part his problem.

But I was only able to catch glimpses and snippets of Michael’s seemingly disintegrating life from a distance, hearing a bit here from a well-meaning niece, or catching a bit there on television, before I would take Jerry Mander’s advice and relegate my television to the garbage heap. If Michael was becoming a side show he wasn’t performing for me. Caught up in Islamic activism, during a time my friends and I refer to as “the heady days of the revolution,” I had little time to reflect on such matters, I was too busy trying to do my part to change the world.

However, last year Michael’s name came up again. A good friend who is a reliable source of information called and said that Michael had become Muslim. Allah knows best if he did or did not. However, Michael was no stranger to the religion, having been exposed to it by his brother Jermaine, who had converted to the faith in 1989.*
Now Michael is gone. Hopefully, he had found peace in Islam. Hopefully, the tears he cried in the privacy of his oftentimes lonely world, tears described by Smokey Robinson as those of a clown, shed when no one’s around, had dried. Michael was an icon, a pain-filled, troubled icon, and like many of comparable stature before him, and inevitably many after him, his fall was sudden and unexpected. Hopefully, his faith, if he did indeed convert to Islam, helped to cushion that fall.

* An earlier version of this article mentioned that Dawud Warnsby had assisted in Michael Jackson’s conversion to Islam. He has denied that. This article has been amended to exclude that claim. In writing this essay, I was given information from sources I considered reliable that Michael had indeed become Muslim. Obviously, the part about Dawud Warnsby is not true. However, there have been many reports throughout the media concerning Michael becoming Muslim. Allah knows best as to their veracity.

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Hari ini – 4 July 2009

Posted by ainolazhar on July 4, 2009

Hari ini – 4 July 2009

Banyak peristiwa berlaku pada hari ini.

Umi dan Hazim went to K K – kahwin sepupu umi. Teman tak ikut.
“Bukan seronak, tapi tanggungjawab” – itulah kata-kata Umi

Hari ini temam memulakan pengajian teman. Dah hampir berbelas tahun meninggalkan pengajian secara formal.

Hari ini jiran sebelah rumah buat kenduri akikah cucunya. Beres teman punya lunch

Hari ini Hj Razak, ahli qiarah kematian ibunya. Sempat teman ziarah di rumah ibunya di Kg Melayu

Hari ini sudah seminggu Iman di perantauan.

Hari ini blog Kak Long masih bersawang -tentu sibuk.

Hari ini umi sibuk menyiapkan proposal kluster yang belum siap

Esok – hari ini tinggal sejarah.

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Accessories and appliances.

Posted by ainolazhar on July 4, 2009

Hidup kita sentiasa dipenuhi dengan accessories and appliances. Ianya bergantung kepada keadaan hidup kita. Lagi canggih dan complicated hidup kita, lagi canggihlah accessories kita. Orang pompuan lebih banyak accessoriesnya berbanding dng orang lelaki. Sebab tu orang lelaki siapnya cepat. Mandi, pakai baju – 10 min je. Orang pompuan 1/2jam belum tentu.

Semua accessories ini akan membantu menyempurnkan hidup kita. Tarafnya bergantung kepada sejauh mana ia menyempurnakan hidup kita. Bagi teman sebagai contohnya: cermin mata bukanlah lagi accessories, ianya merupakan keperluan hidup. Teman hanya menanggalkan cermin mata masa tidur aje. Alhmad kalu mimpi tu taklah kelabu mimpinya. Bangun dari tidur, first thing to look after is my spec ( after ensuring umi sleep and sound well )

terpaksa pinjam 'umi' punya nak upload gambar

terpaksa pinjam 'umi' punya nak upload gambar

Ngapa tulis pasal accessories hidup pulak ni?. Sebabnya pagi ni teman cari cable nak upload gambar dari digital camera dah tak ada. Tak tahu mana letaknya. Dah cari satu rumah tak ketemu lagi. Dah tanya umi dan hazim. Ianya taklah menyusahkan hidup, tapi menjadikan hidup ni tak sempurna. Tak leh nak buat apa yang kita nak buat. Cadangnya nak upload gambar ke dalam blog.

Sebab tu untuk menjimatkan masa maka semua accessories ni mestilah diletakkan di tempat yang sesuai dan tetap. Jadi bila nak guna senang mendapatkannya. Tak lah nak pakai spec kena cari satu rumah sebab dah lupe mana letaknya tadi. Bila bukak tak kira kat mana, bila nak pakai dah lupa kat mana letaknya. Samalah jugak dengan pisau untuk masak. Kalu dah letak merata-rata, susahlah nanti chef nak gune.

Teman lupe mana letaknya pemotong ubat teman. Dah hampir 3 minggu potong ubat guna pisau. Ingatkan letak dalam kereta. Cari tak jumpe. Potong ubat pakai pisau ni tak lah susah, tapi kurang tepat. Lepas tu the other half nak kena simpan pulak. Kalu guna pemotong dah tentu ada containernya. Inilah padahnya bila kita take for granted.

pemotong ubat-penting dlm hidup teman

pemotong ubat-penting dlm hidup teman

Lagi satu hal stoking. Lain pasanganya. Sebab tu lebih baik beli stoking yang sama banyak2. Kalu nak pakai lepas basuh taklah payah nak cari regunya. Kalu tidak alamat pakai lain-lain warna. Mungkin fesyen baru.

Jadi kalu nak mudah, pastikan anda meletakkan accesories anda di tempat asalnya setelah menggunakannya. Jangan ubah-ubah. Ini akan menyusahkan jika orang lain ingin menggunakannya.

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Seberang Jaya

Posted by ainolazhar on July 4, 2009

29 June

Pagi selepas solat subuh. Umi sedang bersiap untuk ke sekolah.

“Sunyi jugak Iman tak ada ni” umi memulakan perbicaraan pagi.

‘Biasalah’ jawab teman ringkas

Bila Iman dah tak dok di rumah ni, tak adalah lagi kawan gadoh2 umi. Sunyi gak. Tak ada nak rebut-trebut kelongsang ke, sarung kaki ke, selipar dan kasut ke, tudung ke ( the list can go on and on ) yang boleh di kongsi. Itulah hidup anak beranak namanya.

Ya, semalam kami bertiga menghantar Iman untuk meneruskan pengajiannya sem 5 dan sem 6 dengan menjalankan latihan industri di Hospital Seberang Jaya. Masanya latihan hampir setahun. Lama gak lah jawabnya Iman menjadi orang utara. Apa pun kata Iqah, org utara ni mesra dan peramah orangnya.

Kami memulakan perjalanan sekitar 10 pg. Singgah di Chemor sebagai acara wajib bertemu Opah, Mak Teh dan Mak Ngah. Pak Ngah tak ada rumah. Bawak Amirah beli barang persiapan untuk ke Politeknik Alor Star minggu depan. Mak Lang tak yah jumpa sebab semalam dah jumpa. Lagipun nak jimatkan masa.

Opah menjamu kami dengan durian. Opah dah pun masak t hari kerana menjangkakan kami akan singgah. Iman makan. Yang lain tak makan sebab masih kenyang dengan sarapan nasi lemak sambal udang pagi tadi. Udang frozen dari Lumut yang kami beli semasa mengambil balik Iman dari acara sukan UniKL.

Kami meneruskan perjalanan ke utara. Hazim memandu kereta. Teman duduk di belakang bersama Umi. Letih semalam masih dirasakan. Semalam reached home 1am from KL. Driving all the way.

flat Iman

flat Iman

We reached Iman’s new flat around 3pm. After unloading and solat jama’ we went to Carefour just behind the flat. Lokasi flat ni agak strategic jugak. Walking distance from Hospital Seberang Jaya, ada surau on the entrance ( senanglah nak tarawih bulan puasa ), shopping complex di belakang. Rentalnya agak mahal gak for 2 bedrooms flat. Iman kongsi dengan 2 orang kakak lagi.

depan flat iman

depan flat iman

Flat Iman ni d tingkat 3. Kalu hari-hari turun naik boleh turun lemak dalam badan ni.

Penuh gak bonet kereta Iman shopping. Maklumlah nak mulakan hidup baru dan berjauhan dari keluarga. Meja kecil, table fan, tikar, baldi, and all the basic necessities.

Lepas hantar Iman ke flatnya, kami meneruskan perjalanan balik ke Ipoh. Hazim dah tak larat nak pandu. Teman drive back to Ipoh safely arrived around 7pm.

Untuk Iman – selamat menjalankan hidupan baru. Take care. We miss u a lot.
I think you will missed your room and internet.

Lepas ni Hazim pun akan menamatkan Industrial Trainingnya gak. Lagi sunyilah rumah ni. Back to square one : teman dan umi shj. Honeymoon all the time.He he….

Tapi mungkin tak lama. By early Nov insyaAllah – Kawtsar will come back. Well come home Kak Long.

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