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09.09.2009 – what a nice date

Posted by ainolazhar on September 9, 2009


Last weekend was the most hectic weekend.

Starting on Saturday : 2.30 Attending the Economic Lecture.
Bombshell was dropped.
“Tommorow we will have mid term exam “ told the PM.

Exam kena pakai face mask

Exam kena pakai face mask

Oh my god. When to study. What to study. I only got notes from the lectures, no text book. Today lecture finished around 5 pm, rushing back home, prepare for iftar.Then tarawikh. Then I need to sleep as usual. The routine should’t be changed. If changed, then pening kepala.

This is real crazy. Last minute exam, is really killing us esp during month of ramadhan. If the PM has informed us earlier – at least we are much prepared. Everyone was shocked, but none argued or even ask the PM to change the exam date. PM ni eccentric sikit. But I liked and enjoyed his lecture and appreciate his comments and opinions.

‘It is an open book exam, you can bring any economic books, get on line, but no discussions are allowed during the exam. 3 hours exam with 4 questions, all compulsory to be answered”. That’s his final comments before leaving the class.

I only spend half an hour to browse through the notes and that’s it. Tiduq mesti on time. Kalu tidak kalu, pening kepala. Apa pun tak boleh buat.


The exam started around 9.30 and it should finished around 12.30pm.
Mak ai, the question was tough and standard. Berasap kepala.

We were given extra time, but by 1pm I submitted what ever I have written. Hope for the best.

At 2.30pm the second session begins:.

The PM said : I have read 2 set of the answers, both give a different answer. No graph only story line. How to explain. He commented.

He explain and said this is how you should answer the question. Boleh tak?

O my god.

Petangnya rush to rumah anak yatim. Berbuka di sana sempena Iftar Jamae JIM bersama anak yatim Darul Salam. Kesian gak tengok anak2 yatim ni. Bawak Muaz dan abangnya sekali untuk melihat keadaan anak-anak yatim dan miskin. Bila sembang dengan anak-anak ni macam-macam cerita nasib mereka. Apa pun mereka tetap ceria dan gembira nampaknya. Itulah kita kena bersyukur dengan rahmat dan keadaan kita. Syukur dengan sesyukurnya. Sempat sembang dengan pengerusi rumah anak yatim ni Tn Hj Azizol, rupanya sahabat teman yang dah lama tak jumpa. Banyak pahalanya.

kecerian tetap di muka mereka.

kecerian tetap di muka mereka.


3.30pm start my car to sent back Iman to Seberang Jaya. Arrived SJ around 5.30pm. Take a rest, while Iman cooked something special for me and umi – for my iftar on the hiway. Simple – hotdog & cheese roll in a bread. Selaput dengan telur dan goreng. I think all kids sure like this.

Around 6.15 we start back our journey to Ipoh. Alhamdulillah the weather was good and calm. Break my fast on the hiway and stop kat RR Sungai Perak for my magrib prayer at the Petronas station. Sini tak ramai orang solat. Menarik gak melihat ramai umat Muhammad berbuka puasa di sebelah2 station Petronas ni. Alhamd. Orang Melayu tu ni kelebihannya, puasa tak tinggal – solat belum tentu.

untuk buka posa shj

untuk buka posa shj

On the way back received SMS from K Long. Call her and she sound cheerful and ok.

Arrived home around 8.00 pm, managed to have my quick dinner and bath and rush back to Masjid Dairi for Isyak dan tarawikh. This time I went alone.

Huuu what a day. Dah tua-tua ni, penat gak.


2 Responses to “09.09.2009 – what a nice date”

  1. kawtsar said


    wow,hectic nye!!!!
    xpe2,ayah can do it,chayok!!!

    mesti best kan iman nyer hotdog tuh..wuahhh..gas dapur klong da abis tp x sempat2 nk refill sb everyday balik lambat..da maghrib br sampai umah..what a hectic life!!

    doakan klong for my ophtalmology exam nexr week..

  2. kawtsar said

    opss lupe..muaz tue sape??not familiar with that name..

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